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Are you an apartment owner in Tignes and interested in making a return on your investment ?

Discover our « Rental Management » service

Our Role

A.I.T.A act as exclusive agents and legal representatives of the owner to manage the seasonal rental of the property as follows:


  • targeting rentals and contacts with individuals as well as travel agencies (businesses, tourist offices, specialist sites, tour operators)
  • manage the property under the terms & conditions pre-approved and signed by the owner – all monies owed to the Agency from the client, including the right to keep the damage deposit (in case of damage caused during their occupation).
  • carry out (if necessary) works to ensure the upkeep, repairs and maintenance of the property corresponding to the description of the apartment (owner to be invoiced for these works)

The Duration

All owners sign a Rental Mandate for a duration of 12 months from the date of signature.

It is renewable by tacit agreement. 


The Rents

Part of the rental revenue will be paid to the owner at the end of the season, or by regular instalments if the agency has received all payments due. 


Thanks to the "maintenance" package, AITA ensures the maintenance of the apartments, as well as complete end-of-season cleaning (provided that owner occupancy does not exceed six weeks per year). The maintenance package includes: - replacement of small equipment (bulb, fuse) - routine maintenance - end of season cleaning – 

Complete cleaning of bedding - start of season dusting - end-of-season cleaning of floors and carpets

Our Strengths

  • experience with summer and winter lettings in Tignes for a number of years for both weekly and seasonal lets 
  • presence and availability year-round as key team members live in Tignes permanently.
  • recent investment (summer 2017) to update our reservation system which is compatible with many key marketing/holiday sites
  • recent investment (summer 2017) to update our website to ensure a better experience for our clients and achieve higher google rankings 
  • unlike many other agencies we employ our own cleaning team who are resort based and highly available/flexible
  • all our owners have their own account on our website, guaranteeing 100% visibility on the booking status of their apartment
  • the number of owner occupancy weeks are not limited in any way


How is the Agence A.I.T.A. paid?


The agency shall be entitled, for its administration services, to remuneration fixed in accordance with the rules of the profession.

This remuneration shall be borne by the owner and shall be deducted from each rental.

It is currently 30%


Rental Summary


The amount paid to secure the booking is at the discretion of the Agency. However, the amount cannot exceed 30% of the total rental price. In case of cancellation the client will lose the deposit. It confirms the firm and final commitment of both parties and cannot be broken. If the tenant cancels the reservation, the agency reserves the right to request the full rental price.


If you wish to rent out your property, it is highly recommended to obtain insurance against associated risks: fire, floods etc.…Many options are available and it is often possible to extend your current household insurance to include rental contracts.

Whatever the formula, it is your responsibility to verify that the extent and amount of the guarantee are sufficient in relation to the value of the furniture and accessories of the occupied dwelling.

Rental Agreement

This is a signed document in duplicate, showing the essential characteristics of the rental, the accommodation and its location (precise address of the accommodation - the rental period - the date of arrival and departure of the tenant - the Conditions of the rental - the amount of the damage deposit required, its mode and the detail of its return).


Water, electricity, gas etc. are included in the advertised rent, unless otherwise stated for certain long-term rentals. In the latter case, consider having the different meters read during the state of the places of entry and exit. 

Damage Deposit

Pre-established sum to be paid on arrival at the premises to protect the owner and the agency in case of deterioration made by the tenant during his stay. 

This deposit is refundable at the end of the rental, or at an agreed duration afterwards, if no damage has been found by the agency.


Document describing the rented premises, full address, summary of rental conditions. This description is provided for each lease.


It should be noted that any seasonal rental in furnished premises returned in the same condition it was acquired.

Inspection (on arrival and on departure)

The state of the premises is carried out in the presence of the agency and the tenant. This document is signed jointly by the agency and the tenant. This document must indicate, in addition to the address of the dwelling and the details of both parties to the lease, the date of entry and exit of the premises. It is important to note any missing objects when you arrive in relation to the inventory.



Document that records in an extremely detailed way all the furniture that makes up the accommodation and made available to the tenant. The inventory shall be drawn up and annexed to the descriptive statement or to the rental contract. This document verifies the correspondence between the list and the elements present on the premises. 

Seasonal Rental


This is an apartment rental for a holiday. Seasonal renting is characterised by a specific duration (relatively short) and makes it escape the imperative rules of the "classic" rental. This rental must be in connection with a season or specified duration. 


The rent is freely determined between the parties and constitutes a sum of money paid in return for a service (the provision of a dwelling for the temporary enjoyment of a dwelling).

Tourist Tax

It is levied for the benefit of local and regional authorities, and in particular for the municipality where the rented accommodation is located, for the financing of the public facilities and services serving the municipality. The amount per day per person aged 13yrs+ depends on the standard of accommodation as rated (in stars) by the governing body.